Hands that Grasp, hear us. Eyes that See, hear us.
Hands that Grasp, hear us. Eyes that See, hear us.
Hands that Grasp, hear us. Eyes that See, hear us.
We raise our voices, Shining Spear. We raise our fists, Shining Spear. We raise our blood, Shining Spear.
We know it is through Mercy that our Enemy was made flesh.
We know it is through Promise that we were granted tools to rend it.
We know it is through Strength that we do not falter before you.
These we swear to know in our blood and bones. Hands that Grasp, Eyes that See, Shining Spear. These things we swear and never betray.

Hands that Grasp, hear us…

The Vigilant. The Sleepless on the Wall. Shining Spear. These are the names of Arvoreen, the aspect of Erach that preaches that the Enemy’s mortality bespeaks a holy duty; they can be slain, and so they must be, by any means possible.

Before the coming of the Word, Arvoreen was the Hin god of war and protection; the representation of the knowledge that home must be defended with blood, however grim a task. By the canon, Arvoreen’s meeting with Erach was spent in fierce debate, the god sparing not the smallest chance on requiring their people leave the homes he was charged to defend. At the end of the day, Arvoreen was convinced that there was no other way, and without a further moment of hesitation he pledged himself to the service and the self of Erach.

The Temple of Arvoreen serves the cities as guardians, soldiers, and police, but also within their care is metalworking, toolmaking, and research. They are the primary innovators in the field of clockwork, and their aggressive research division is notorious for co-opting projects and causing them to vanish within the confines of the Temple until they are deemed fit for release to the public. They maintain the system of lights in the cities in cooperation with the temple of Sheela Pehr, and the Tithe with the temple of Urogalan.

The other two temples stereotype the followers of Arvoreen as impulsive fanatics, prone to rash behavior in pursuit of purity; the priest of Arvoreen frothing with fury about heresy is the punchline to many jokes. The stereotype exists for good reason; the Temble has had a purge declared on its ranks not once but twice, after Arvoreeni faithful turned to heresy in their misguided fervency. Even now there are many who are devout with singular intensity, but most of its members are simply eager to take an active role in trying to maintain the only order left.



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