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The Church

Erach-The Prophet whose Word is Truth.
Arvoreen-God of War, Vigilance, Machines, and Social Order. Aspect of Erach’s fury.
Urogalan-God of Stone, Death, Science and Dogs. Aspect of Erach’s contemplation.
Sheela Pehr-Goddess of Plants, Hearths, Life and Comfort. Aspect of Erach’s mercy.
Saints-The honoured dead (and occasionally living).
The Mother Who Was False-The nameless goddess whose pride killed millions.
Nobaris-The masterless trickster god of dreams, whose workings siege the Third Wall.
Gras-Old. Stone. Of Below.

The State

The First Wall -The Cities; their population, administration, and layout.
The Second Wall -The honoured and vigilant dead, and the Shepards who tend them.
The Third WallLife and the world after the end.

The World

History-Wow I am drowning in this one, holy hell, GRRM I am not..
Geography-The layout of the world, and the little bits of it that are habitable.
Locations-Places of note.
People-Handy profiles of the people you know.
Magic and Technology-The Way Things Work.
Glossary-An encyclopedia of Capitalized Words.

The Enemy

Soon. Patience.

Main Page

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